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QYEPT——Professional Hazardous Waste Management Service Provider

Beijing Qi Yue Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 871856, hereinafter referred to as "QYEPT") is a leading industrial hazardous waste management technology Service provider. We provide process design package, project management, engineering procurement construction, Operation services, project financing integration solutions for hazardous waste. We has the industrial hazardous waste incineration technology package, combustion laboratory, engineering laboratory, Research and Development center and Equipment Assembly Test Center, which has passed the quality, environmental and occupational health system certification, with environmental Engineering professional contract qualification, and national High-tech Enterprises certificate.

QYEPT introduces international advanced technology of hazardous waste treatment, combined with its own technical advantages in standardization engineering design, process simulation, flue gas emission control and so on. Developed the process package for industrial solid waste, waste liquid, VOCs, adopt advanced design tools, unique standardized project management system, international operational management experience, to provide integrated solutions of hazardous waste management to our customers.

Our team includes industry senior experts and professional managers. The team has the independent development of operation simulation system, the rich directional operation service ability, provides the engineering design proposal, the construction installment consultation, the Operation management and the business training, entrusts the operation and so on, which, guarantees the safety, the stability, the economy, the sustainable operation.

QYEPT has established a strategic partnership with top investment institutions, to integrate domestic and foreign industrial resources, joint establishment of industrial funds and other means, to provide environmental protection project investment, project financing, as well as third-party governance services, to support high-quality environmental protection industry projects smooth landing and rapid development.

QYEPT has integration of research and development organization structure and business partners, co-development with many well-known universities, and share scientific results. Together with our Environmental Protection Equipment Researching and Manufacturing Center, it will further strengthen the company's research and development capability, as well as leading development, equipment fabrication, modular design and manufacturing capabilities.

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